Our Story

We are all different and living in this one globe.
Rather than conflicting each other, we all know in our heart that we all should help each other to pursue all of our happiness.

In one bowl, different ingredients work together to create one complete dish.
Bitterness. Sweetness. Sourness. All parts of tastes come into one.
Likewise, we believe that we can make a harmonious world with all walks of life collaborating with one another.

At All Bowls, we plan to invite people from different backgrounds to provide all types of bowls for all people.
We also aim to be a platform to showcase global talents, cuisines the world over, and most importantly, collaborations among people from different backgrounds.
We may not be able to change the whole world but through All Bowls, we hope we can be one element of our lives which sometimes remind us of the importance of generosity among all of us.

With this hope, we have now founded "All Bowls".

We believe in One Generous Bowl for All.